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How to Deal With Arguments in Relationships

Relationships are unimaginable without quarrels. No matter what you do and how, you will always experience troubles and hardships of some kind. The most common mistake people do is trying to avoid problems thinking they can go away on their own. Don’t ask how to avoid arguments. This is what cowards do out of fear. You should only avoid foolish arguments. In order for your relationship to survive you need to confront your problems and look them in the face. Only then they will be resolved. Read the following guide to know how to deal with arguments in relationships.



To compromise is the best way of dealing with arguments in relationships. In any conflict partners want to make each other think and / or do what each of them thinks is best. Sometimes one partner can be right and the other one is wrong. In other cases both partners can be right or both can be wrong. What you need to do is trying to reach the golden mean and balance between the different opinions. Just giving up or defend your point of view at any cost is not a way to go. Always look for alternatives. For example, you want to go to a park while your partner wants to go to a movie. Consider going to a park first and then to a movie. Or go to neither of these places and attend a restaurant. You should never get offended and use diplomacy in order to successfully resolve the conflict. Don’t use force, violence or rage because they are all highly ineffective. Russian girlfriends don’t appreciate forced decisions in relationships, so keep that in mind.


Words can do a lot of things. Ignoring your partner or avoiding him or her can cause many problems. You simply don’t have a right to ignore a person you’re with because it hurts most. Ignoring a person is pretending he or she doesn’t exist. That is the lowest and most hurtful kind of offense. So, you should always be willing to talk about your problems in order to find a solution. Running away or keeping everything to yourself will never solve anything. Thus, you need to vouch for a conversation and do not let your partner ignore you. Talking is one of the best ways to avoid arguments because you eliminate them even before they appear.



Talking is good but it should be supported with deeds. Many people like to talk but only few of them really do what they’re talking about. Therefore, you need to actually transform your decisions into actions. Never say anything if you’re not going to do it. Say only what you’re really feeling you’re ready to do. Many relationships break up because people say one thing and do something completely different. Some say they are going to do something but when the time comes they do nothing. Your word is only as valuable as much it corresponds with your deeds. Never forget that.

The Right Way to Argue

All the problems with quarrels in relationships appear because of emotions. Instead of clearly stating their opinion partners get agitated easily. They start shouting and screaming, crying and breaking things. All that is pitiful and painful to look at. You should try to lower your emotional response to minimum. Instead, use your head and rational thinking. Urge your partner to do the same. Emotions will get you nowhere if you really want to resolve a conflict. 

Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is everything you say without words. It is your gestures, look on the face, tone of your voice, mimics, moves, pose, etc. According to the respected scientists people receive around 50% of information through non-verbal communication. Therefore, what you say with your words contribute only 50% to your success. So, don’t shout or have an angry face, try smiling even if you don’t feel like it, let your moves be smooth, not sharp and sudden.

Now you know what to do to deal with arguments in relationships. Don’t ask how to avoid arguments in a relationship and better be strong enough to deal with them.